Monday, 1 August 2011


The more i find out about blogging the more i love it! For the first few months i just didn't have a clue. I'd spend my days clicking next blog, and i started to think that the only blogs out there were family blogs that are just to keep families in touch, and blogs for different Churches.

I have loved writing forever, I have always wrote diaries, poems and more short stories than i can remember, that mainly consisted of me meeting a tall, dark handsome stranger and living happily ever after. Since my accident i haven't wrote much, mainly because i physically can't as my hands are permanently in fists. I started trying to write a book a few times but i'd get tired really easy.

Once i got to college i knew i would have to start writing essay's so i got the dragon programme which makes your laptop/pc voice activated. But i really didn't like it, it never typed what i had said, it really didn't like my northern accent. So now i use the on-screen keyboard, which can be annoying as it takes 0.5 secs per key to type, especially when you get given a 1500 word essay, but that was only when i was on deadline or if i had 3 due together, that was overwhelming. If i had a week or so i would really enjoy siting in bed, with tea chocolate & daytime TV. I really got my flare for writing back.

Hence the blog... But blogging is not all about sharing your story, its about meeting like minded people and being part of a blogging community, and sharing in other peoples stories, and that for my first few months i was lacking. Its lonely when you have no friends, so i joined blog loving and jumped from one blog to another and found some incredible blogs and bloggers. At the moment i have a slight obsession with food blogs, who needs Ramsey and Nigella when you have food blogs, i can't wait to start trying out the growing number of recipes collected.

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