Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bad Skin

So do you like my new look?

It took ages, to say its only a few small changes. I thought i was good at just figuring things out, but it took me a fair bit of faffing to get it right, and I'm very happy with the results.

I love my new header. I cut it from a pic my cousin took in my front garden. I love how summery it looks with the flowers. I'll have to get one for winter when it snows.

I haven't been up to a great deal, apart from trying to maybe get my mum set up in business. Nothing major just testing the waters as they say, but fingers crossed it does good!

I have also decided that I'm allergic to every cream in the world. After a year on antibiotics & the "side effects" from my everyday meds, I have been left with pretty dry, sometimes rashy skin.  I think i have used every cream known to man. From a £135 Swedish cream (my friend got it free through work) to Clinque, Evian, E45, Sudacream, creams from boots and asda, Liz Earle, and each one just gives me an even worse rash, or, and spots. So whilst at the docs i explained my situation and he gave me some new cream, and LOTS of it. It does a great job at taking away the itch, but wow, i look sun burnt.

So I've ordered some Emu oil cream, I've read, and been told its pretty amazing, so we'll see

And if you have any suggestions for overly sensitive skin, let me know

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