Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Week!

Well to say im supposed to be just sleeping away my "gap year" i have had a fairly busy week, well except for Sunday when i watched 6 films, yes you read that correctly 6! films. None of the where that good either, with the exception of Bride wars, which is an AMAZING! film. Its great because i LOVE Kate Hudson and the rest of the cast are pretty great to! and the whole film is just laugh out loud loud funny. GREAT GREAT GREAT film.

Then Monday morn-early aft was gorgeous and my big cousin lil Sarah invited us for a BBQ, mum had already made food so we went down for a drink, and of course because this is England the minute we got there the sun went in and it began to rain. So we sat inside and watched some tennis. Then as soon as we left the sun was back.

We went to see Bridesmaid's on Tuesday, VERY good film, funny and sweet. The one thing i liked the most about the film was the script, well lack of it. The conversations felt real, they are exactly the type of conversations you would have with friends.

I did my CV Wednesday it took me fooorevvvver! It hard trying to sell yourself. I have done alot in my lil life. I've had many hobbies, and i didn't want to sound like i just quit everything, it's that i want to do everything. I have been talking to a few charities to, to see about volunteering. So i sent a few emails out.

Thursday was a great day! My Nan & Eric (nan's hubby) are visiting from France. For a while now I've been asking to go to Northcote for afternoon tea. Northcote is a Michelin star restaurant and the chefs are on TV a lot, mostly the Great British Menu. It was so good! The food was so yummy, and the staff were so lovely, they couldn't do more to help us, with access and with places to sit. Even though access is good, i don't think you will get around if you have a huge electric chair, but by all means phone and ask because they would most probably find a way of getting you in. As its a tad pricey yet very reasonable for a Michelin star, we took my Nan for a late Mothers day day. The food, de-lic! The scones INCREDIBLE!

Friday i stayed in bed and just chilled. I needed a day of nothingness. Caught up on season 5 of Dexter! I can't put into words how necessary it is to watch Dexter. Its by far the best thing on TV!

Saturday was HOT! I have rather red arms, a very red nose and tiny blisters on my chin. Its surprising how easy and quickly you pick up the sun when your in a chair, i think its because you don't really move. But being sat out for 7hrs is bound to make you a little red even with factor 50 and a brolly. We had gone to a scooter rally that my uncle helps organize. Lots of fun, slightly surreal seeing mods, its like being in this is england. I was so tired once i got home that as soon as i was in bed i crashed. I think i got slight sun stroke. Once i got in bed i went so cold but very clammy, it took forever to move on my side, I just kept sticking to the bed.

I felt a bit sick this morning. The left over anti-sickness pills came in handy. Especialy since it was hotter today than it was yesterday. So like every Briton when its sunny we had a BBQ.


I didn't stay out long the sun was just making me tired.

So now im tucked up in bed watching the brilliant The Holiday with a white hot choc. Night all...

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