Friday, 22 July 2011

Mum & Me

Humpfff.... Time to chill

Its been a great week, soon to be 10 days. I have loved having my mum to myself this week. We were always close, but ever since my accident we have this amazing bond. I mean we spent everyday together, all day for over a year, and after everything she has done and continues to do for me how can we not be close. Don't get me wrong we argue, we argue like hell sometimes, but i love my mum more than words can describe. Time apart and the fact that she doesn't "care" for me defiantly stops us arguing. Having a parent as your sole carer can be difficult. But every now and then a few days, week to ourselves is just brilliant. Especially since my mum is like the only person i can watch films with.

We watched almost everything on my Sky+ today, nice and chilled ahead of another busy weekend of birthdays. We watched the last ever lie to me *shed's a tear. Its a great show and if you haven't seen it invest in the box set. Tim Roth is a genius.

My mum did my hair to. Before m accident my mum hadn't done my hair since i was about 3. But as i can't do it myself any more, and a 7inch scar that gives me a very very sensitive head she is the only one, except a hairdresser that touches my head. She is great at doing her own hair yet anyone else's she was useless. I'm just thankful i have curly hair, and can pull off a hat. But for some reason recently she has been amazing. She can now actually straighten my hair. But when i asked her to recreate my fro i wasn't optimistic, but she did a pretty good job for her first attempt. I was very impressed.

Can't wait for tomorrow now...

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