Monday, 18 July 2011

London trip

I am soooo tired! If this post doesn't make sense its because i can't concentrate to well.

We had a fabulous weekend at my aunts, but it was long! I had 2 14hr days in my chair then 8 when we were traveling home, it was a killer! I was ok the first day, apart from the fact that it took me 5 hours to get a nap. It had been a long morning and as soon as i got to my aunts i just wanted to sleep. But every time i almost feel asleep a hyper child would wake me up. By 6pm i was that tired i could of slept through a rave.

I went for my hair doing on Saturday, had a bit of a trim then had it fro'd out.

I love this headband. I have so many, i need to sort them out really cause atm there all just in a basket.

I thought we were just going to my aunts to chill out and get my hair done (it was a birthday present, i don't travel 4hrs every 6week to get my hair done, maybe when i'm rich) but it turned out it was uncles birthday party. It was supposed to be a surprise but Clare couldn't get George out the house so she had to tell him. I was tired and very cold by the time the party started so i stayed with the kids in the living room. My cousin got a tad trigger happy, so let me introduce you to the many faces of  me.

He did eventually move on and take some nice pics of everyone else.

The trip home was a nightmare. We did get caught in traffic but it only added a hour, it felt like 10. I think shopping before my drive home, especially after 2 very long days wasn't the best of ideas but i needed a new bag.

The last hour of the journey was unbearable, as soon as i got home i was straight in bed with every blanket i owned and drank about 6 cups of tea.

I'm still recovering...


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the hair and headbeand...very cute! happy Monday! xxx


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