Thursday, 7 July 2011

Its practically the law...

:'( my neck and shoulder hurt. Its annoying! I hate being in pain. Its been hurting for aaaaaggggeeeeessssss now. My shoulder admittedly is loads better, moving is now possible, but now my neck feels stuck. I dont know im falling apart. Well I say that but compared to a few weeks im much improved. I'v gone from being unable to move because of my sore shoulder, unable to sit up for longer than an hour without being literally dripping with sweat, and unable to eat because i had no balance and i couldn't lift up my arm. To being able to move, being able to sit up and being able to eat and just having a twinge in my neck. But its still painful, and your allowed to have a moan when your in pain. Its practically the law.

This is my second attempt at this post today. I started at dinner time, i'd put on a film, cuddled into my blanket, had a brew made and started to type away, then POOF!! All the power went. I tried my best to explain to the PA where the switch box thing was, and i think i did pretty well cause it didnt take her that long to find it, but all the switches were up. Turns out we were the only house in the village that hadn't been told that the power was going to be switched off 1-4 because they were cutting branches near the power line. It was a good job i was dressed and up or i'd have been screwed. Last time it got cut off we managed to blag it back on because we hadn't been told. This time their going to look in to why we weren't informed.

So we went to my cousin's, i looked a right mess, wasn't really fit for the public.

Had a pamper & chinese day on Tuesday with two of my best friends ellie & joely. I've gone for yellow nails this week. Its from H&M tis amazing and it was only £2. Ironically its called going banana. Ironic as i HATE bananas but LOVE the color.

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  1. I love those H&M nail varnishes - think I've got practically the whole range!


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