Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I'm pretty sure im still disabled...

Not done well anything this week, im saving myself for London.

Im so excited :D I LOVE heading down south! Its always a good weekend, and im getting my hair done by an amazing hairdresser so that adds to the excitement.

I did get a get a visitor yesterday from the council to make sure im still disabled, turns out i am! It is beyond stupid but because i got a grant from the council towards the extension they come every year to, i think, make sure i still need it. If i moved away before so many years unless its a good enough reason i can't get another grant and if you dont need it i think you pay some back. Im not sure its all REALLY complicated! Like most things to do with the council to be fair. The guy that came said he's only had 1 change in 5 years, and that was a guy that had a dialysis room and he got a new kidney.

I got some great news to yesterday. The foot doc after 18mth of 3-2 weekly visits is down to once a week. Hopefully it wont be long till its 0 a week. This means i can actually go out without having to worry about being home in time for the doc.

FREEDOM... well soon

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