Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A day with no power

I must say i'm rather glad to be in bed.

The power was turned off yesterday from 9am till 5pm so that they could cut down tree's near the lines. So  was up at 7am to get ready, because getting dressed without electricity is very very difficult, and i wasn't planning on sitting in bed all day, cold with no tv, laptop, Internet or even a radio. So i went to the cafe my mum works at. The first hour felt like a day. So me and my PA went into town as i needed to get my friend and my brother a birthday prezzie and cards. We amazingly managed to potter around for 2hrs till we gave up and went back to mums cafe for another day long hour. At this point i felt like i'd done a days worth of activities, i mean i had been to 3 cafes and spent £50 on prezzies and crap, but it was only 1. We then kind of squatted in my grandads house and then my cousins untill it was time to go home. It was the longest day and by the time i got to bed i felt so ill! I was so cold. When im cold i cant move, i kind of just clamp up, and i was that cold last night that i coudn't stretch my arms till like 9pm.

I feel so much better today. I had a meeting about hopefully getting an intercom system so that i dont have to shout a thousand times if i need someone, fingers crossed!

Then tried to fix my new lanterns, i got 6 but only 4ish work, but for £2 you cant complain. Im just looking for some new led things to put in them. Best i can find at the moment is the little led candles.

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