Thursday, 28 July 2011


I've started my healthy eating again & was doing really well until my mum made cake!

Pistachio, Cardamon & yogurt... It was soooo yummy & moist. Yes im healthy eating but there aint nothing wrong with a treat every now and then & i just can not resist my mums cakes.

I haven't changed my diet to much really, just less takeaways and i have started eating breakfast, which i have NEVER done. The thought of eating in the morning made me feel sick, so I have been waking up earlier to give myself abit of time to wake up so i don't feel so icky.

My Nana bought my mum nice lovely Jaimie Oliver cake stand which is simply gorgeous, and just what mummy needed.

Been on bed rest today as i have a poorly leg :( I should really stay off it all week but i have a great weekend planned and the weathers going to be beautiful.


150g unsalted butter cubed, extra for greasing
150g shelled, unsalted pistachios
cardamon seeds from 8 pods, crushed
185g self-raising flour
185g caster sugar
3 medium eggs
125g plain yogurt

For a lil added loveliness add a lime glaze

The juice& zest of 1 lime mixed with 120g of caster sugar

Pre heat the oven at 180c / 160c fan
For a crunchy texture roughly chop the nuts and mix the nuts, cardamon, flour, sugar, eggs & yogurt together, for a smother texture blitz the nuts in a food processor.
Bake for 70 min, then leave to cool in the tin.
Add the glaze and enjoy.


  1. Yum! I've never seen a cake like this one before. Do you have a recipe you can share? It sounds fascinating and looks delicious!

  2. It's my mums recipe so i'll try and steal it :D

  3. That looks yummy!
    Btw, your cute ad is up now on my blog, check it out! :)

    Lisa x


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