Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

So it hurts to breath right now :(

Im currently sat listening to Bruno Mars as im fair addicted to his album! I was going to watch the Karate Kid but my collar bone IS THAT painful i actually cant lift my arm at the moment.

I think this is actually the most disabling pain i'v been in! i use that muscle for everything! I use it when i hook to balance especially in the car. I use it when i hook on to someone to help me move when dressing & getting into my sling. I use it to eat, brush my teeth, scratch, put make up on, EVERYTHING!! Luckily im weird so i can do somethings. Even though im right handed i eat left handed when using a fork, but i eat finger food right handed, so i can still eat crisps, grapes, biccies, cocktail sausages ect... and i use my laptop left handed to, so thankfully i can still communicate with the world, and play games, read the news ect...

I was going to get my friend to massage it, but i didn't think it would help. Im not sure if its my muscle, bone or nerve, so i got my nails done instead, Pink & Grey, simply gorgeous.

My pampering also took the sting out of my lovely PA leaving me forever. She's looked after me well for 18mth and she will be missed! All though i wont be missing her terrible jokes hehe :D

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