Thursday, 2 June 2011

No Revision, No Contact

My attempts to revise have well & truly failed this week, i simply have no motivation what so ever!

I think the new family arrival hasnt exactly helped. Little Lily Grace was born May 25th and she is absolutely gorgeous!

Me & mum made plenty of buns in her honer.

Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate butter cream & Strawberry Sprinkles... they were sooo yummie!

If that wasn't a big enough distraction the fact that i sweat the  equivalent to the river Nile every time i sit in my chair is. When i spasm my big toe lifts up and its pushing my bone down, sounds disgusting i know! It is, and it bloody hurts! & it sets off my AD every time i sit up...

Then today was once again catheter changing day. Well it nearly wasn't, i think everyone i need are allergic to communication. We booked the change last week but then the nurse phoned today saying you need to have a change. Durrr ya don't say! So we booked in on Monday, half an hour later 2 nurses turned up, completely unaware of our conversation with the other nurse, but they are nice so it gone done.

It does make me wounder how anything ever gets done.

I left hospital in March, 3 weeks later the nurse was supposed to come see me then i was supposed to go in to get my tendons cut six week later, tis June now, still no visit. We have phoned a few times to either no answers or i'll call back, guess what no call back...

I get there busy but its bloody annoying!

Even my wheelchair guy, you'd think he would want my money! Yet we always phone them,.

We are forever chasing...

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