Thursday, 9 June 2011

No Longer a student

It's my first day as i guess just an unemployed person as i am officially no longer a student.

Don't particularly want to talk about my exam. It was 4hrs long and i felt every single minute of it. I think i did ok on my first 2 questions but by the 3rd i was just so tired i couldn't even see. Thinking was out of the question. I managed to get a few points down but i know it wasn't enough. I was put in like the nosiest place ever, a few idiots just didn't understand the big silence signs. Thankfully i was allowed breaks to eat something and  have a caffeine fix, but it wasn't enough. Hey-ho we'll see in August.

Im like really glad to be done, but not either. What am i going to do for a whole year?? At first doing nothing but watch Jeremy Kyle & This morning is bliss, but the novelty soon wares off, and doing nothing but watching Jeremy Kyle & This morning is incredibly mind numbing. I mean theres only so much complaining you can take. I feel sorry for kids nowadays they just dont get to be kids, and thats not because they are being "overly-sexualised" but because they dont get to do anything, but thats not this mornings fault... and the new addition of Keith Lemon makes anything worth watching.


So whats the plan??

Hopefully i will start some intense physio & get this slide board conquered.

Hopefully i'll get a new chair, a test chair should be arriving soon.

Im going to look into doing some volunteering, where or doing what i have no idea. So we'll see....

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