Monday, 13 June 2011


Had a very very enjoyable Saturday with some delightfully lovely people.

Went to the pub with mum, brother, cousin, cousin's friend, aunt & my friend to celebrate my finishing of college & it was sooooo much fun! Then my other friend came after work and we went home for Chinese, which was incredibly yummy. Whilst waiting for food we watched Gnomie & Juliet, which for a kids film is really funny.

In preparation for the evening i sent my PA out for a cheap bottle of red wine as its what my friend drinks and we never have any in. I was expecting her to spend like 4-5 pound. She comes back with a bottle of wolfblast. I was like 'i said a cheap bottle' i'd happily spend 8-9 pound as part of a gift for someone, but not just for a bit of a drinking sesh. So i gave the wolfblast to mum & sent my PA for more wine.

I got some very lovely yummy cupcakes off my aunt as a leaving college prezzie.

Got an orite week planned, Pics tomorrow & wed, Chinese leaving meal for my PA fri as shes off back to New Zealand, Then my aunt, uncle & cousin are up for a family christening.

Should be fun :D

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