Monday, 9 May 2011

My knee hurts...

My big cousin came to visit today, and at the moment she is big, but that's only because shes 2 weeks away from having a baby. She had asked for some Cd's for when she goes in to labour, so baby Lily will becoming into the world to dance music or 90's R&B. Either way i have made sure that she has the best start to having great music tastes.

I spent my day in bed today resisting the urge to scratch my face off. Off to the docs tomorrow, i have a long list for them so i hope they are prepared. Top of my list after my very annoying rash is my knee. I thought being paralysed was meant to mean you can't feel. But OMG my knee is killing me. I went to the docs a while back about it and he gave me some nerve pain tablets. They worked for a bit, but i think i have damaged  it. My spasms have been awful, but only my left leg, which is the knee that's killing, which leads me to think even more so that its damaged. It hurts ='(

I spent my bed bound day watching Greys Anatomy, I had 3 episodes to catch up with. Im forbidden from watching it alone, its a program i watch with my mum. She has been hooked from the start but i didn't discover it until the big boat crash. It's an amazing show, and the last ep was just brilliant. It was the musical episode. It made me laugh and cry, mainly cry. I CAN NOT wait for the next episode. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

Time for more cake....


  1. Last episode of Grey's really was amazing, I thought it was very clever having all the docs singing, and of course the songs were perfect, they had to sing ChasingCars!! I love all medical shows, my favourite was ER but Grey's Anatomy is coming very close now. They changed all their cast last season and I was a bit unsure of where they were going but they have made it work, I'm hooked!!

  2. Tis the best! i missed out on ER, to young! This episode actualy made me like that song, which is a big deal!


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