Sunday, 8 May 2011

MMM Cake...

MMM Cake...

Coffee & Walnut made by my mummy... Was delicious! No better way to end a Sunday roast then with cake.

Now i have my new camera expect a LOT of pics, because it ain't just me that's become obsessed with it, my whole family is, even my mum and she repels technology, turning my laptop on can often be a struggle.

 On another note i may have Impetigo *Sad face my mum's making me a doctors appointment.

Im aware im 20 but i have a phobia of making my own appointments. I never know what to say, so i end making a simple request very long winded.

Im the same when trying to explain things to PA's, i'm a visual learner as my dyslexia teacher explained, so vocally explaining myself rather difficult.

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