Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Culinary Week

Oooo lifes getting a tad hectic. Not particularly doing alot but my exams are very soon so im revising LOTS.So blogs may be few and far between for a lil while.

Im that busy i cant even remember what i've done.

Wednesday was a lot of fun! My friend came to see me. We normally always order Chinese when she comes, but this time we decided to cook.

We made salt & pepper chicken, satay chicken & hoi sin prawn & noodles.

It didn't look like enough but their was loads left! & everyone kept saying how amazing it was.

It was fun :D i think we will be doing it more often.

Thursday was really great, 2 of my aunties came & my mum made tapas, it was soooooooo good. Meatballs, chrizo,salamis & meats, stuffed vine leaves peppers & cheeses & loads more.

Then of course mum made cake.

Chocolate Victoria sponge... soooooo good. It was so light & fluffy.

Its been a culinary week...

Been very annoying though. I've been staying in bed more than usual because my feet have been sore, so whilst sat up i get red cold & sweaty, like a fever basically, because the pain was setting off my AD. So being in my chair was incredibly uncomfortable and i could only sit for like a hour. But because of this i have gotten abit weaker. Balance isn't my friend at the min. I feel like i can't win. I get up i feel like death, i stay in bed i get weaker & bored beyond belief.

No excuse to not revise i guess... Which is helpful, since i HATE revising.

& on that note i best get back to it


  1. This looks so delicious!
    Won't you post the recipes? :)

  2. i'll post them this week


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