Monday, 23 May 2011


Had a rather massive AD attack, damn it hurt! Was about 2.30am, i actually thought my head was going to explode. I got the PA to put my bed head up first, sometimes sitting up or tilting back lowers my bp (blood pressure) then it gives her a chance to see whats wrong. Nothing seemed to work so i got her to get my mum. The PA is fairly new so i didn't want to scare her just yet. In the end i think it was my back. It had been sore all day, still is, but after being repositioned the pain eased. Had a sore head for about 3days after though.

Then Sunday i had a massive itch attack. My bp had gone up again i think, and i just went CRAZY itchy. It was so bad it made me cry. It just wouldn't stop. I had to go back to bed which was annoying, but it worked, after about 20min the itching went. I was really annoyed though because i wanted to stay up and watch The Orphan with my mum & steve. I've seen it before but its really good. First time i watched it, it was with my mum and like 3qtr the way through my brother decided he needed a lift to his friends. So my mum paused it & left me at home on my own, terrified i was going to be attacked by a random little girl. LONGEST 12min of my life, yes i timed it!

Back to revision...

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  1. sorry to hear you are suffering AD attacks they are frightening aren't they. Hubby gets them occasionally as well. Look after yourself...or better still get someone else too...Ha Ha...


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