Friday, 15 April 2011

Week 1 over

One week of the Easter hols done & i have done nothing and quite frankly i have loved it!

Its going to get a bit busier from today!

Chinese with a friend from a new chinese tonight, slightly excited for new chinese, which is slightly worrying. Saturday is going to be great! Left over chinese, LOTS of gossip with 2 very great friends, then scream 4 with my fellow scream fanatic EXCITED!! Only been waiting 10yrs for this! Then probably takeaway again just to be naughty. Sunday coursework, well i hope so anyway. Then Thursday im off to London, YAY!!

God only knows how my feet are going to cope. One of my better toes has got a lil fat & has been bleeding. My feet had swelled up last weekend from a few very long stints in my chair. Hopefully it will be healed before we go down south, because they will be very long days!!

Me and mum had one of our mini arguments about food. We have it at least twice a week. She asks me what i want to eat forgetting that i have no idea what food is in as i cant just get up to see whats in the fridge  or cupboard. So i then get given a vague idea of what we have, very vague. So we either argue back & forth till she gives me a proper menu, or she cooks me something i don't want & we argue a bit more. I know i sound rather demanding, im not, its just a case of  i cant look for myself.

Im settling for rubbish crisps atm as my lovely lil bro has eaten all the good ones

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