Monday, 25 April 2011

A trip to London

I have a very Lovely weekend in London with my friend, mum & her bf.

We drove down Thursday night to try & avoid traffic but we ended up hitting a massive traffic jam. A caravan had turned over, it looked nasty but no one was hurt thankfully.

We got to my aunts fairly late. My friend had a bit of a blonde moment when she asked me if i was staying in my aunts room, which is upstairs. I gave her a min to think about what she said, before asking her how she thought i was going to get up the stairs.

Friday was HOT we went to Jaimie Oliver's for some lunch, which was delicious! Did a bit of shopping, then we sat on the river Thames & had a drink. It was soooooo hot! But gorgeous, just looking out on the river watching the boats.

Saturday wasn't as hot, still gorgeous! We went to Wimbledon, walked around, had a few drinks. We then drove around for ages looking for somewhere to have tea.  We found somewhere that looked nice but it didn't go to well. They got the drinks order wrong 3 times, on one occasion bringing out a bowl of fruit. We didn't want to risk eating there. So we went back for a takeaway and TV. A very blunt Chinese man randomly asked me what was wrong with me, which is fair enough, but it was so blunt it caught us all off guard.

To say its such a awkward set up at my aunts, the weekend was stress free...

Now i'm home sweet home, its very nice to get away, but there's nothing like ya own bed!

Got to rest my feet now, my toe has got a hole again ='(

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