Monday, 4 April 2011

Mystery Illness

I have been very boring for the past few weeks! There has been NOTHING going on at all! I have literally been at college or in bed. Apart from a few meals out that has been it. But i haven't been feeling tooo great.

I have been having pain around my armpit, i think my sweat glands were a bit swollen. That was fair enough, i'd spent enough time sweating recently due to going AD a LOT!!

But then i got the weirdest sensation! My mum like pulled my nightie down & it felt like i had some crumbs on my chest. But there was nothing there. The more mum touched me, the odder the sensation & the more widespread it was! With every touch it felt as if i was being pricked with needles! It was all over my chest the top of my back, neck & up the left side of my face! My left bicep went into major spasm to! I could barely type. It was so weird, and it just came out of nowhere. It lasted about 3 days then it turned into like a sunburn feeling, its just starting to dull down now, but being touched is just very sore atm! If i find out why i'll let you know, but for now its a bit of a mystery.

I took my mum out for tea on Sat for Mothers day! Was me my brother mum her bf & his son. It was really lovely! I got paté to start, i really shouldn't have! It was delicious but i forgot as i often do, that my appetite is no where near as big as it used to be. I think my mum gets a bit offended sometimes when i dont finish my tea! But she shouldn't... if my mums not here to cook i get a takeaway, my mums cooking is the BEST! I know alot of people think there mums the best, but seriously my mum is! : D

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