Friday, 18 March 2011

Thank you Everyone!!

Today didn't start tooo great.

My mum phoned the garage and it turns out it may be the fob. Seems easy right? WRONG! These fobs take 7-10 days to come from France. Wouldn't be a problem for any other car, they would get a courtesy car. Me, nah, not that easy! Mobility don't do courtesy cars. This means im housebound for up to 10 DAYS!

I may go crazy!

WARNING: Expect crazy ramblings, Starting with this...

Bring it on, Amazing film! Its original, clever, funny, a perfect Friday night film to watch with the girls! But they NEED to stop with the sequels. I was watching like the 15th one last night. Bring it on: Were the underdogs we will win, the school bitch will be our friend, the new girl will get with the popular guy, and everything will be CHEER-tastic! You know the one, It stars 30yr old Cristina Millian playing a 17yr old. It was unbelievably bad! The acting was incredibly bad! The "popular girls" also known as the jaguars make Reece from hollyoaks look like a Oscar winning actor. On a high note, great drinking game. Every time you hear cheer, have a shot. You will be on the floor in 30 mins, having consumed a year's worth of units. I didn't make it to the end if you did, have you deserve a medal.

Anywaaaays... the point of this blog was just to say thank you. Today i went on Facebook and i had some really lovely messages from different people, and even though i had a crappy start to the day, i just can't feel annoyed! So i just wanted to say a big big big thank you to everyone for your kind words, it really does mean so much :)

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