Monday, 21 March 2011


I have my freedom back... YAY!! :D

The car is fixed!! I don't know how or why it went from being 7-10 days, to getting it back today. To be honest i don't care! Im just glad to have it back. Although i was looking forward to a week of lie-ins.

I have been so bored today that i spent most the day on paint drawing trees, fish, flowers, all sorts! Then i drew my new picture, the chair to your right.

I also wrote a review for a cinema on its a great site, and once its really built up it will be so incredibly helpful!

So apart from that i have done nothing at all! Im going to make up for it tomorrow, after college im going shopping to buy the ingredients to make granola. My mother keeps telling me you can by granola, but i want to make my own, its much more satisfying. Then i shall be having it for brekkie with yogurt and fruit, since my brother ate my beloved lucky charms.

I may possibly clean out my wardrobe, but i do say that at least one a week..

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