Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Feeling the cold

Im glad to say my mood has lifted.

It didn't take long i felt a lot better yesterday.

I went in to college early to film some shots for the film, and do abit of editing. That went well. I felt abit crappy at the end of the lesson because i had been out in the cold for 4 hrs. The last half hour was fairly uncomfortable 'cause i was struggling to sit up, and i could feel myself going blotchy.

I hate being cold, yet im like almost always cold. I can feel the cold still on my arms so i tend to keep them covered, it does help alot. I feel the cold alot to on my shoulders & chest so another staple of mine is scarfs. I bet i have 30 easy. Even with all my layers i last about 2 hours before i get cold again. If im in one place i can be orite, but if i move from place to place the changes in temperatures can really mess with me and my body doesn't know how to react. I tend to clamp up, i cant stretch my arms, and sitting up becomes very difficult. I also get really sweaty & blotchy that just makes you feel rubbish. I go everywhere prepared. I always take either blankets or cardigans or throws or jumpers. I also find eating or hot drinks help. I have always felt the cold but since my accident i feel it 10x more.

So i was very pleased to come home to a well heated room a blanket and a hot cup of tea.

My friend came over to, to tell me tales of her slightly disastrous travel experience, that really did cheer me up.

Pancakes for tea was defiantly the icing on the cake...

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