Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Hi folks, how are? It feels like ages since i last blogged, but i'v been very busy and ill for the passed few days.

Lets start with Thursday... College was ok, i was supposed to stay longer but my partner told me the wrong time, but i couldn't stay at the other time because i had physio. That annoyed me because i want to be involved in the editing. Once home it was straight to bed because the physio & the nurse was due. It wad c-day again. I was going to have them do it in hospital while i was under, to save me from the trauma, but the catheters at the hospital are different material, changing the material aint a good idea. But it turns out it wasn't all that traumatic, my mum & the nurse just kept me talking and i was ok. Just breathed through the pain.

The doctor came Friday, but apart from that i did nothing! and it was lovely! I stayed in bed all day with my feet up watching films. I watched the spy next door, it deff isn't a Oscar contender and the acting, apart from Jacki Chan of course, is terrible, but it's a good Friday afternoon family film.

I had a very lovely day Saturday, me & mum had a bonding day & did LOTS of baking. I spent the first hour dieing, but i'll get to that later. 

TOP TIP: If you use fat handles for your eating utensils, take them off and put them on cooking utensils, its much cheaper then buying adapted stuff.

We made...

Madeira cake buns with vanilla frosting 

Lime Cheesecake

Lemon drizzle cake

My arm was KILLING! me afterwards. Cooking/baking will always be the best physio, not only are you working your arms, but your core to. My balance is not good so alot of energy goes into trying to stay up right.

On Sunday twitter was very helpful. A local food & drink festival had tweeted. Was an early start, we thought it would be bigger, but they had some great stuff.

We were greeted by some really cute birds, I love owls & birds of prey, we used to go see them a lot when we were little. They had a bald eagle that was a bit dim and possibly gay, he was overly friendly with his male mate.

I had purposely skipped breakfast so was starving by the time we got to the festival. Just before we went in there was a burger bar selling beef, venison, ostrich, bison, kangaroo and kudu burgers. I got Bison, it was really nice, it tasted a bit grassy but in a nice way.

There were loads of different stuff inside, meats, cheese, cakes, pies, beers, ice cream, jams, juices and loads more. I got some blue goats cheese, marmalade & dandelion & burdock juice, cream soda juice & blood orange juice.

We weren't there for as long as we thought so we went shopping... my favourite pass time. We went to a place called Botany bay, its a bit like a car boot sale, there is a fair amount of rubbish, but there is some GORGEOUS stuff to.

We went for a early tea at this really nice pub. I say nice, it looks great, the decor is beautiful and so is the food, but its FULL of people that think there something there not. There was a group of girls sat across from us, and i SWEAR it was like watching the hills, i could not stop staring!

MTV you need a new show go to the eagle in whalley...

I have so much more to say but shoulder is killing from all this typing so i will have to finish tomorrow...

Night all x

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