Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy: Part II

So because i had been to busy to blog, and because i had a lot to say, i couldn't finish my post. I type by using a track-ball and the on-screen keyboard, after a while my arm just hurts, so i can only type so much. I do have dragon (a voice activation programme) on a college laptop, that i use for essays, but it gets annoying.

So after my pretty busy weekend i really did begin to feel the effects.

I haven't felt right since leaving the hospital. After about a hour of being sat up i go red, cold & sweaty. Since Saturday its been really bad. I felt awful before mine & my mums bonding day, but i wasn't going to let it stop me, i had been looking forward to it all week. I lasted till 6ish until i HAD to go to bed.

Sunday i felt fine until we got to the pub. My cheeks went red hot and i went bright red. My mum said she had never seen me like that before. She was asking every 5 seconds if i was ok, and apart from being boiling hot, i did feel fine. I probably just had wind. Having a SCI just makes things like wind painful, for some, don't know why. I know this isn't very lady like, but everyone does it, and this is a honest blog. If you haven't all ready noticed :)

I felt horrid Monday, but we had a date with my cousin. She was cooking for the first time for us, she made lasagna and it actually was really good! She showed us her 4d scan pics, the lil one has a look of her dad, can't wait to meet her now.

A couple of my friends were going to come Tuesday, but i KNEW i just felt bad so i had to cancel. I still went into college early though, bad idea, by the time my lesson started i was sent home. I went straight to bed, but i was cold all day!

The nurse came today, she took my blood pressure, that was normal. So she's doing some tests, she thinks i may have a under lying infection somewhere.

Thankfully my cars broke so i can stay in bed all day tomorrow, catch up on some films...

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