Thursday, 3 March 2011

20 + 1

Today I'm 20yrs & 1 day old... yay me :)

Yesterday was really nice as it turns out...

Mummy dearest came home & i opened my presents, i got lots of pennies, a lovely scarf from my auntie, flowers from my neighbour Deb, Adele's album from my bro, a voucher from Steve, today i got a great mug off my brothers gf that has pictures of us on. Then my mum got me a tart tartan pan that i love!


I have always loved Rihanna but i have been slightly obsessed with her new album... I rave about it to everyone! Apparently i said something to my mum about getting me tickets for my birthday but i didn't even remember, so for my mum to is unheard of. It normally takes less then a day for her to forget a conversation.

So i was beyond surprised & I'm very very very very very very very excited & grateful to me mother :)

We then went for afternoon tea, met my grandad BBQ (he always had BBQ's when we were little) for a drink, then we met my auntie Fran, then home for tea, i was knacked by the time i got to bed!

Today was nice & chilled! I found out i got a B for my coursework, and if i do well with my film i could be going into my exam with a high B. I'm very pleased with this, proves that all my hard work was worth it! So big Smiles!

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