Saturday, 12 February 2011

Settled in time for my birthday

Well im off to Sheffield on Monday to see the Doc to see what he says. Im hoping he lets us stay local, saying that I'd feel more comfortable there cuz i know everyone. Iv got it in my head it will be done quicker if i stay local, don't know why. Im taking an over night bag though just in case.

We have got our film sorted-ish to & im happy with the concept. Its way to hard to explain, but once its all done & its been marked i'll post it.

Im glad everything with college is sorted now. It has been stressful but i defiantly feel settled now. Im confident now that i will do well. Im thank full that i did have my mum, tuters and friends fighting my corner, because without their support i don't think i would be in college right now, so thank you everyone :)

Anyways... Its my birthday soon, i'll be 20! No longer a teenager =[

Im excited though, im having friends & family at the house for food and drinks , and im also having a secret auction. I was going to have a like a body shop or virgin vie party, but it can be a bit annoying and awkward being talked at for a few hours so i decided i would host my own. That way i can keep all the profit and put it towards adapting my chair.

Yesterday me mum & liz my PA went shopping for auction items, it was lots of fun actually & we got some great stuff! We got some jewelry, A gurjus photo frame, bags, some lovely pillows, a bedspread, a teapot and loads more...

I can't wait now...

After all our shopping we had afternoon tea which was actually amazing!! Egg, poached salmon, chicken & bacon, & like a creamy Stilton sandwich's. Then scones jam & cream, carrot cake, strawberry & cream tarts, & a chocolate & orange tart. It was soooooo good!! was under £20 for 3 of us! Defiantly recommended. Boundry mill, Colne its a must!

All this food talks making me hungry

Tea time :)

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