Friday, 18 February 2011

No longer going on my hols...for now

Was a early start today the Physio was supposed to come, but 30min before she was supposed to arrive shes phoned & canceled, this now being the 3rd canceled appointment. The first time she turned up but didn't come in, she just left a note, strange i know. The 2nd time i canceled because i had a hospital appointment. Now shes "ill"

After that we got another phone call from the hospital.

Theres been some emergencies so theres no bed for me. Which is fair enough, but it is very annoying.

As the hospitals 2hrs away my mum has to take time off work. Then because PCT dont fund PA's when im in hospital they have to come & go, but because we dont know we cant tell the company. I can see us ending up having no PA at some point, or having just a random new PA cuz they have sent my regular PA somewhere else, which will just stress me out. Its not easy to just take a week or 2 out with out any notice.

Plus i cant keep messing college about, plus most importantly it's my birthday party on the 5th and i am not!!! canceling it!!

So if im not going in next week im not going in till after my birthday.

I dont know wheather to just get it done here, because it will be done sooner and i'll be out sooner. But at Sheffield there going to cut tendons in both feet to help with spasems & foot postion, which is a massive bounes, but im just bored and annoyed with waiting now. This has been going on since May.

I just want to wear shoeeees...

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