Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lots of waiting

So not had any news yet about my feet just yet, except a nurse from the spinal unit i was at is coming  to give their verdict.

Not much has been going on really, i have been zombiefied. I can't sleep yet im tired all the time! I think its anxiety mainly because we have a new PA. She is lovely & can do her job, but im always on pins with new PA's just because we have had so many bad experiences. So hopefully next week once every things settled i should be ok.

Got a bit more of good news from college. My tuter is letting me & zainab re-do our film on our own. So the stress of that will be going down by a hell of alot!! I wont have to relay on unreliable people.

But im abit uneasy about the subject. Showing how i as a disabled person can be isolated by society, and how zaniab is isolated as a Muslim. Im very interested in exploring it, just very nervous as its a bit close to the bone. I wont be doing it if im not comfortable, which my tuter understands, so we shall see.

Lots of waiting now...

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