Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ill is a understatement!!

I have felt off for awhile now, and my test results confirmed i have an infection, so iv got some antibiotis for that, which are just making me feel sick.

But on Thursday oh my it hit me like a brick wall.

I had just arrived at college and the fire alarm went off which knocked out the lifts meaning i couldn't get to class, which turned out to be a blessing.

When i got home i began to get itchy, then burning hot, then freezing cold & majour sweats. I couldn't sit up. I haven' felt that unwell in so long. 

I have spent the whole week just feeling crap!

In class yesturday i was shivering uncontrolably and i could feel my face going blotchy  & i could see everyone staring at me thinking "is she ok?"

Once home i wrapped up in 3 blankets, took paracetamel, iburophen, antisickness & antibiotics, and by 4:30pm i felt ok'ish, ok enough to cook.

I LOVE to cook, its the best physio cuz you dont even realize your doing any exercise.

I made a onion goats chesse and spinich tart & a tomato mozerella and salami one, they were very yum!

Im feeling better today, but i haven't got up yet.

I got a feeling im going to get worse though as my feet are getting worse :(

I hate being poorly, it sucks!!

But 2 of my lovely ladies might be coming tonight as we have some serious gossip to catch up on!!

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