Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Im going on holiday, A week in Hospital

I went to my old stomping ground Sheffield on Monday.

I have to go in next Monday have surgery Tuesday then stay in for up to 10 days, which means i might be in for my birthday *sad face.

My party's on the 5th i WILL be out!!

Im being naughty & quitting my antibiotics, theres no point if there getting chopped up. Then im going to eat chinese & get drunk on Saturday with my friend.

It's half term so at least i wont be missing much college.

The Doc wanted to keep me in for a month or 2, but theres no chance, i would have to drop out, & i have fought sooo hard to keep my place, im not letting this stop me finishing.

So we agreed that i can stay for a short time then i have to go back every week, which will be annoying for mum as its a hour & half to 2hr journey each way. But if we hit traffic it can be up to 4hrs, as we found out on Monday.

So im going to be living off crap for a while, cuz i do not eat hospital food, plus on days when we are traveling, takeaways are so much easier.

If i dont blog for a while its because im on bed rest so i cant get to the computer room.

A week with out facebook, How will i cope ??

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