Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 2: Op Done

Afternoon folks...

Its about half 1 & I'm about a hour and a half out of surgery

I feel fantastic, surprisingly.  Instead of going under general anaesthetic i was just sedated. I thought id panic, but i had something to calm me down & i was just chilled.

I don't know what the have done, I'll find out tomorrow what the crack is.

Meanwhile i have a very strange person in the next bay to entertain me. She keeps refusing everything, then she comes out with random stuff that is just random.

I panicked when i heard her voice y'day.

She was here when i first came and she had a very odd bf that just freaked me out. All he went on about was money & he'd rob the patients food.

As soon as i heard her voice i said if that guys about I'm not staying here.

Anyways....... films & food today, hopefully home soon

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