Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 1: on Osborne 2

My Day started at 5:47am, after around 2hrs sleep my body decided I'd had enough sleep and woke me up, but i had to be up at 6am so i wasn't overly fussed. I knew i wouldn't sleep because i was over thinking everything.

After a very rubbish journey to sheffer's due to being in my chair with having no food or no sleep, we arrived.

We were greeted by a confused looking Doctor asking why we were here, i put my head in my lap and thought 'oh no we weren't supposed to be here' but thank fully he soon remembered.

So here i am, in bed atm waiting for a stewed cup of tea with full fat milk mmm yummie :/ ... not.

Its been an ok'ish day, not had to much time to be bored.

Today went as followed:

10:30am about 7 doc's came to see me, 5 being students, but this is a teaching hospital.

11am signed paperwork then napped.

1pm a doc came to put a arrow on the leg with the poorly foot. You'd think after 5yrs at uni they would know their left & right.

1:30pm first Doc spent 40min trying to take blood. He asked a student doc for help, she ended up just watching & asking questions, which i think annoyed the doc but i thought she was nice.

2:30pm did more paperwork.

3pm 2nd doc spent 20min trying to get blood.

3:45pm down for xrays, and instead of letting me go down in my chair & the xrays taking 5min, i had to get in bed & the xrays took over half an hour.

5pm the doc came back and finally got blood.

6:15pm KFC yum yum, you may remember i don't do hospital food.

Now I'm chilled in bed....

As you may have guessed from my lil dairy of events, my veins don't play nice. They just hide, i was pricked about 7 times, and had purple/blue arms a few times.

So although i haven't done anything fun, it's kept me busy.

Surgery tomorrow at 9ish, wish me luck

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