Friday, 4 February 2011

Bye Bye Tootsie

I went to the hospital Wednesday as i do every other Wednesday for my feet. It wasn't good news! The nurse wasn't very happy with what she saw, i had to go back on Thursday to see the doc, he wasn't to happy either.

On my left foot the tendon is on show,  then the infection in my toes on my right foot has flared up.

The Doc was going to clean it out, but suggested using gas & air, i said that's probably best cuz if i go AD (autonomic dysreflexia)* we will have problems. He seemed a tad concerned.

So he suggested i go under, then while im asleep they can clean it out, get rid of dead tendon, then they'll take my right toe off, then they will check out my other sores to see if they need cleaning.

Im not sad its only a toe or two, id rather this than it flare up every few months.

I got sent for x-rays, & put on antibiotics indefinitely. Now i have to wait till i get a date for surgery.

Ill keep you posted...


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