Monday, 10 January 2011


I have been for my 1 year check up today and all seems well.

Everyone said how well i looked, which is always nice to hear...

Its just a chat really to see how things are and if i have had any problems. I told them about my feet and i took them some pics. The doctor asked me if i didn't like him, i was very confused, but he just ment we should of phoned them. Like he said they deal with people with spinal injuries everyday so they know like what to do, wereas with docs here its abit trial and error. Wish i'd have phoned straight away then maybe i wouldn't have been on antibiotics for 7mth.

We also talked about my knee twisting and he gave me lots of options. The easiest is i can double my meds, but that means i will sleep forever. Along with the meds he gave us some exercises. He also said the best thing is to lie on my stomach, which scares me, i just keep thinking it will set off my AD, or i will strugle breathing and i know it will hurt. If that dosen't work, or the meds are to much then botox is a option. But all thats easy compared to my final option. Thus is to have surgery and have the muscle released, which just seems abit extreme. So i'll try exercise first, then i'll go on my belly, then up my meds, then botox and then i'll probably just live with it for as long  as possable, surgery sounds scary.

Just got to get some ultrasounds on my kidneys, liver & bladder, not sure why but im supposed to have them every year.

So now as long as i stay well i dont need to go back for a whole year...

Fingers crossed :D

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