Tuesday, 4 January 2011


One thing that comes with new year is new years resolutions. This year mine are to just do things! I need to get over my fears of everything, but thats easier said than done!! Lots easier!!

The easier one being healthy eating, i say as i am tucking into m&m's :)

My diets crazy has been since my accident...

For about 3mths i didn't eat anything i was on 4 different antibiotics, loads of pain meds, muscle relaxers and blood thinners, it was crazy, i was on like 60pills a day plus drips... all i did was throw up.

After that i really didn't like food, all i would eat was crisps. From that i moved on to mcdonalds & kfc, id have 1 a day.

Hospital food was out the question, the smell would make me sick.

The first time i ate sat up i threw up. I had spent 4mth eating either flat or sat at 25 degrees.. ( i know this because i wasnt allowed to sit higher then that without a neck brace ) ... my body wasnt used to me eating sat up. I was so annoyed because my mum had made a sunday dinner & id been waiting 4mth for it. We were staying in the half way house, which is like a small flat at the hospital were you can book & be in a home situation. My mum put me to bed & a hour later i managed to eat some. It was sooooo good! Id forgot how good food was!

I lost about 3 and a half / 4 stone whilst in hospital.

It took a long time for me to start liking normal food again, i was almost afraid of sloppy or saucy food in case it made me sick.

Now i still only really have 1 meal and i snack the rest of the time. This is for a number of reasons.

I dont get hungry alot and i cant eat a full meal. I used to eat like a large big mac meal & still be hungry. Now i eat the burger & im full.

Im also very particular with food, i hate people touching my food. I had a PA that would sit with her fingers in her mouth all day, then she would prepare food, that just put me off. Plus i hate people feeding me, either i do it or my mum.

I get days were i just dont want to eat, and days were im hungry every 30min, & ill just snack all day

Im trying to stop eating crisps and eat fruit. Dont get me wrong i love fruit, but when i feel sick or its 3pm & iv not eatin, im not hungry but i need to eat, crisps are easy and starchy. Its annoying, i have to eat because if i dont i go what we call funny, i go cold & shiver but i sweat as if it was 100oC. I dont know why cause im not diabetic, i just know if i go funny i eat and 10min later i feel better.

Im going to try my best, i did a healthy shop online that arrives tomorrow, so we will see how it goes :)

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