Sunday, 16 January 2011

Busy Funness :)

Its been a great week...

Wednesday i went out with my friends, vee, key & jess, as key is off back to uni, well yesterday now, so that was lovely. I went on my own too, which im very proud of :) no mum or PA loitering about...

Then Thursday i went to college & watched 'a bout de souffle' which is 'Breathless' in English, i enjoyed it, its very charming in its own little way... Then we went out for tea ( for my American readers tea is our evening meal, we didn't just go out for a cup of tea :) ) so we went out for tea for my cousin's birthday, that was a lot of fun, lots of gossip & baby talk. Was a early night though as we had a long day ahead of us.

I was woken at 8 on Friday morning, i wasn't impressed to say the least... Once showed, dressed & packed we were on our way to kingston town, we got about 25mins into our journey & my mum realised we had forgotten the sling for the hoist, the single most important piece of equipment. So we had to turn back & get it. Thank God mum rembered then, otherwise we would of been screwed! We would of either had to go back home, which is anoter 5hr drive... or phone around hospitals and hope we could get one, or have 4 people give me a leg and a wing into bed... No thanks, im getting braver, but not that brave....

I LOVE going to kingston! Shopping in the early afternoon, lunch on the river, a bit more shopping, and most importantly i get to see my little cuz... & my aunt & uncle of course :)

But this trip was a bit different, i had gone down to get my hair chopped off! I had had it booked since November. I love my hair, and having to have it ALL hacked off after my accident i didn't think i would EVER get it cut short. But after growing it for 2 and a half years i was just bored of it, it was just there...

My appointment wasn't till 5, so we all went shopping & for lunch on the river as usual then me mum & clare (my aunt) went to the hairdressers... the first chop was a tad painful, but the more that got chopped off, the more i loved it!!

There it is... Hope you like it!

To celebrate my new cut we went out for a few cocktails which was very nice, but i think i was more excited about seeing a fox.... I had never seen one before, it was only little, my aunt thought it was a cat. I tutted at it & it looked at us, it was soooo cute! It looked very clean & it had a gurjus bushy tail, they always look abit scraggly on TV.

It has been a good week, & a even better weekend, but i am glad to be home. A long weekend siting for 10-12 hrs everyday takes a toll on your muscles, my shoulder is killing!!

Im now back home in bed, eating chocolate, having a cup of tea, catching up on stuff i have missed over the weekend, excited to see what tomorrow brings...

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