Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bored Bored Bored!!

Bored Bored Bored!!

This week has been so long and slow.

I have done nothing! My friend did come on tuesday for tea and chat, and to get her birthday prezzie. Then my cousion came with her boyfriend for a hour, to pick up some baby clothes.

But apart from college i'v not been out of the house all week. But with the stress of college at the begining of the week, along with just feeling crap, i haven't felt like it. But jeeeeezzzzz! I'm actualy bored of TV and the internet.

Atm im supposed to be writing my coursework, but i actualy dont know what to do, which is just annoyin me! I have the worst headache too, I know im moaning abit, but i'v reached a point that i just can't be botherd. Im bored, stuck, tired, feel sick, have a headache and i'm BORED!!! My mums been to work today as well so she wont want to do anything, and all my friends are either at work or away. So todays gunna be another day in bed watching crap, eating crap & feeling crap! Fun...

Allthough yesturday i did watch an amazing film, Everybodys fine. It was beautiful, deppresing but beautiful, It made me cry, and i NEVER cry at films, EVER!! Please wach it.

Last year i wouldn't of minded a week in, but i have had such a busy few months that the bordem has hit me hard...

Im off to watch crap TV and eat crap food.

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