Saturday, 8 January 2011

An all right start to the new year

So my healthy eating has started well.

Yesterday i had a fat free yogurt for breakfast, then i had a cornbeef sandwhich on wholemeal bread & baked crisps, for tea i had prawn stirfry, after that i had fruit, i did give into my chocolate craving a little later on and have some milkybar moments which are just amazing.

I had macdonalds on wednesday, but thats allowed because i went to the hospital. Most of the sores are getting better, but i have a new 1 :(

The wool in the casts i have to wear had folded up and caused a presure point on top of my foot. So now i have a big hole on top of my foot, so once healed im going to have a big dint/scar right on top of my foot, which is going to look very nice in my summer dolly shoes. Not impressed.

On another note i got some exciting news friday morning, my big cousin is 70% going to have a baby girl. Their only 70% sure because the baby had its legs crossed, so we will find out for sure in 6 weeks when they go for a 4D scan.

70% is good enough for me to start buying baby clothes, she is going to be one spoilt lil baba :)

I have decied im going to relax this weekend, throw myself into sims. Next weeks very busy!

Hospital Monday for my yearly m.o.t with the doc's at the spinal unit, then iv got to stay late in college all week to finish our practical film work, plus iv got to write a thousand word essay about my influences for the film, but i have none because the one day i dont go to class because im snowed in they change the whole flipping thing, & turn it in to some chessy bollywood film. I wouldn't mind but the only bollywood esque film iv seen is bride & prejudice, how can i write about my influences when i have none...

Little rant over, im very much looking forward to friday because im off to that london :) were going to see my aunt & my lovely lil cuz, but most inportantly im off to get all my hair chopped off, im going for a rihanna style bob, cant wait!!

Well im off to make babies in sims :)

Bye for now xoxo

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