Friday, 24 December 2010


Its Christmas eve which means its Christmas tooomorrrrow :D :D im sooo excited!!! I just love Christmas its the best time of year!! We open prezzies, then we have breakfast, then everyone gets dressed, we met all the fam at the pub, then we go home argue abit, watch films, eat, argue a lil bit more, play games, watch tv then bed & i look forward to every second :)

My friends came last night and we exchanged gifts. I got a gurjus bag, & a starbucks cup tree decoration because im obsessed with starbucks, so i loved that! then i got a very cute me 2 you bear from ellie :). My very good friend vee came a few days before and got me a bag that said "queen of fu**ing everything" which fits me pretty well :)

My lil cousin, aunt & uncle arrived from london last night, & my nan & eric (my nans husband, we have just always called him eric) came monday from france, they live there. The happy families lasted about a hour. The thing is my family are all actually crazy! Everyones argumentative, everyone always thinks their right & everyones over sensitive. Their all crazy, but i love them all immensely & i wouldn't be with out them.

They will be on their best behaviour tomorow, they know how much xmas means to me, and they will be in trouble if they ruin it :)

Its time for me to watch some festive films, whilst i wait for the nurses to dress my feet...

mery christmas everyone xxxxxxx

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