Monday, 27 December 2010


Well christmas is over :(

I had a fantastic day :) was mostly good, there were a few downs, well one down & the rest was just annoyances.

My down being the top i spent £50 on didn't fit! This made me go into a downer, the one day i wanted to look nice & i was left with nothing. I know it sounds pathetic but it really gets to me. I just feel like i look like a blob.

I cheered up once my lil cousin Jan aka yummers turned up, he's 10 & i love him to bits. We have always been close, but because Jans so young its never about my accident or my disability. He doesn't care, we still bake, go to the cinema, do arts & crafts we do everything. With him i feel like me :)

We all opened our prezzie's i got pj's, DVD's, sweets, scarves & some amazing hats.

My cousin got a kola one

But my best gift was that my mum fixed George my teddy from when i was a baby, his head fell off about 5yrs ago, she brought him an outfit to.

We then all ventured to the pub for drinks then home for dinner, where we had some discussions, that almost turned to arguments, but they were quickly stopped. Chritmas dinner was amazing! as always, having a chef as a mum has its benefits. My grandad left at 6:30pm so he could go to bed, "you get tired early when you walk 4000 miles at 66" which is probably true but i bet a bottle of wine helps hehe...

After food we played family fortune's.... it was the most stressful time of my life!! no one would listen, no one would shut up, & then they would play dumb. At that moment i wanted the ability to walk, only for 30 seconds so that i could get up and leave that room!!

The most annoying thing about being in a chair is that i get tired & if not tired sore! A 12 hour day in my chair can be a killer, so i had to go to bed earlier than i wanted. But yummers kept me company & we caught up on christmas tv.

Boxing day was fun as well, i helped jan with his laptop that he got of santa, then we watched loads of films & ate WAY to much food.

We had planned to make a gingerbread house today, but because it snowed my auntie panicked and left to go back to london early :( so i got dressed for nothing... oh well ill have a pj day tomorrow :)

New year next....

Bring on 2011


  1. dig the hat, kinda neat. good for you for seeming so positive - you're a tough cookie. keep pouring it out there on the blog

  2. Thanx ryan i try my best :)


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