Monday, 13 December 2010

College sucks & Birthday wishes

So i don't really know where to start....

Im just gunna type and if its a bit muddled up im sorry, just bare with me.

Its been such a mixed week of being annoyed, ill & happy
So after being snowed in for a week i was actually looking forward to going back to college. I went in for Tuesdays lesson & there was no tutor & i had no pa. Without a pa im stuck! As im in a manual chair atm i need the pa to move me, because i dont have the strength to do it. I need a pa to write for me, and because i have autonomic dysreflexia i need someone around if i have an attack. Luckily my home pa hadnt left so she came in and stayed around.

just follow the link to find out more about autonomic dysreflexia
Then on Wednesday i started to get the sniffles, i woke up on Thursday and oh my i felt so unbelievably ill! I had the worst head cold, my face & my head just hurt. But i still went to college, i felt bad having been off the week before. But that was pointless, 2 of our group didnt turn up so we couldnt do any work. Im off due to illness, i get kicked off my courses, they can't be bothered & nothing happens.

After my pointless class i just wanted to go to bed but i couldnt cuz i had a doctors appointment. My knees been twisting and its started to get really painful. So the docs given me some nerve pain meds & is going to get me some physio.

Friday it was my mums birthday :)

I love my mum soooooo much, she means the world to me! She provided us with an amazin childhood & she has been there for me for every second since my accident. I couldnt put into words how thankful & grateful i am to have her.

I love you mummy...

Its also my auntie clares birthday, my mums twin. She lives in london & couldnt come visit ='[ ... but we'll be seeing her soon for crimbo =] happy birthday clare

Mum had a jewellery party on Friday, which was a lot of fun! A very nice lady came with loads of jewellery and people could buy it, and my mum got 10% commission for hosting the party. was fun, there was a few party games and a few drunk people. even i had fun & i felt like death. I did have a bit of a melt down. I felt like i looked like a blob. Whenever i try to look nice i get so upset cuz i just feel like i dont look nice, or like iv made an effort to dress up. Ill hopefully fee better once iv had my hair cut, so it looks nice & not just blurgeh.

Saturday we went out for an amazing chinese it was so yummy!!! Me & my brother managed to surprise her with a big chocolate cake, that we forgot to give her on friday.

Now its monday & im finally feeling better tucked up in bed watching alan carr..

Night night

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