Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Time

I had a great day yesterday, was lots of fun.

I got out of the house for the first time since last Thursday. We went to the supermarket for some well needed food supplies, then me mum & our lovely neighbour debs went for lunch. It was soooo good! Steak sandwich & chunky chips then my fav dessert bread & butter pudding for afters.

Then we came home to decorate :D

I love christmas, and decorating the tree has always been my favourite bit. I cant physically hang the ornaments myself, which can get a lil frustrating, but i had just as much fun telling others where to put them. It felt like we were in a movie. We were decorating the house, it was snowing outside & we were all singing to the christmas songs. We decorated the hall, my bedroom, the living room & the kitchen. We will be doing outside tomorow.

Here is the finished product

The living room

my bedroom tree


After all the fun i was pretty worn out. Iv found that being in a wheelchair you get pretty tired really quick. Not only does a lot of my meds make me tired, the amount of energy it takes to get dressed & up & staying balanced is just annoyin. Id be in college 9-12 and id be struggaling to stay awake on the drive home. So i had a nap.

Once my mums boyfriend got here we ate & watched TV. It was midnight before i got into bed. I love staying up and spending time with the fam but a 12 hr stint in my chair doesnt help my feet at all!

They were so fat & swollen! & this morning my left foot had a massive blister on it. So today iv sat in bed with my feet up watchin christmas movies. Its been a cosy day!

So im going to say bye for now & watch ice age :D

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