Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I HATE college!!!

After 3yrs of fighting for everything i finaly thought things had calmed down.

since my accident in 07 iv had to fight for care, funding, having somewhere to live i thought college was the one thing i could relay on, but NO! they have decided to screw everything up.

on the 10th of Nov 10 i turned up to class to be taken into a room to be told i have to return to my AS levels, i was told that due to poor attendance i was going to fail my exams.

im sorry but this is bullshit

1. iv been off as i have an infection in my bone so have been on antibiotics since like may, iv not been off cause i cant be botherd!

2. iv barely missed any notes as iv done work at home and got an A and a B in my last 2 exams attendance wasnt much better last yr and i got 2 B's and 2 D's even though i was sat with a bucket on my knee in my exams

to some people this probably isnt a big deal but this is my 4th yr in college, having my accident when i did put me back 2yrs & seeing all my friends go to uni without me almost killed me. that should of been me, i shouldnt have just been starting college.

i know its not a race but i just cant do a 5th yr in college, i dont have the mentality, i dont think a lot off people could.

i just cant believe that a college can tell a student their gunna fail, and in order to keep there stats up they can kick students out! its just riduclus on all levels.

i was sat in a room for half a hour being told im going to fail, thats not fair on anyone. they just wouldnt listen to anything i had to say. 
if this happend in a work place enviroment they would get done for unfair dissmissle.

iv put in so much work & to have all that taken away its just upsetting

i just want to finish my alevels have my yr out then go to uni.

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